Welcome to E-Scape Audio. Your home for all your relaxation Audio needs. All of our recordings are High Quality Audio (HQA). **320k-MP3**

All tracks are 3 hours of interruption free audio. All Tracks fade in and fade out as not to wake you if you choose to use as a sleep aid.

The Downloadable content can be played on any of your devices. Computer, android phone, android tablets and iphones, ipads and smart TV's or Media players.

We offer some of the most unique audio tracks. Whether you want the classic waves on the beach or the cutting edge HUM tones designed to leave you in a better space.

Feel free to sample every audio track on the Download page, before you buy.




We hope you will fill all of your relaxation and meditation needs here.

Feel free to contact us with any ideas or questions.

Thanks for choosing to have E-Scape audio as a part of your wellness routine. 

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